The Berlin Open Access Conferences


The Berlin Open Access Conference Series convenes leaders in the science, humanities, research, funding, and policy communities around The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

To support continued adoption of the principles outlined in the Berlin Declaration, as well to track progress on their implementation, the original signatories agreed to support regular follow-up meetings. As a result, Berlin Open Access conferences have been convened annually since 2004. The conference series now takes place in locations around world; to date Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy, France, and — most recently, China — have hosted this prestigious gathering.

Berlin 9 is the first of the annual meetings to take place in North America.

Past Conferences

Berlin 1
Harnack House of the Max Planck Society, Berlin, Germany
October 2003

Berlin 2
Steps Toward Implementation of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities
CERN - the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland
May 2004

Berlin 3
Progress in Implementing the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities
University of Southampton, United Kingdom
February 2005

Berlin 4
Open Access – From Promise to Practice
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Potsdam, Germany
March 2006

Berlin 5
From Practice to Impact: Consequences of Knowledge Dissemination
University of Padua, Italy
September 2007

Berlin 6
Changing Scholarly Communication in the Knowledge Society
Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany
November 2008

Berlin 7
Open Access – Reaching Diverse Communities
Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France
December 2009

Berlin 8
Implementation Progress, Best Practices, and Future Challenges
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
October 2010

Save the Date

November 9-10, 2011 - Washington, DC - Pre-and Post-Conferences planned

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